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Have you ever noticed a shift in your energy or mental clarity? Even your motivation when it comes to exercise may alter dramatically at different times throughout the month? This can be attributed to the hormonal shifts and changes a woman experiences within her menstrual cycle. 

How to Work With Your Menstrual Cycle.


Mummas, one of the most frequently asked question I receive is “which baby formula is best?” So, today we are going to look at common ingredients used. The pros and cons of organic versus grass fed. As well as share my personal favourite and the one I used with my kids.

What to Look For in Baby Formulas


No matter what stage of your journey you are in, we am here to help you. It is possible to feel well. To feel nourished. To ditch the diets and raise your children knowing the importance of how to nourish themselves. 
At Freedom Wellness we truly believe that this all starts with our preconception & pregnancy journey. How you nourish yourself during these phases, will play into how you feel going into, what will be the most important work you ever do... Motherhood. 

You've got this Mumma. 


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Come & learn how to nutritionally support your baby from birth and beyond. Ensuring all nutritional needs are being met no matter whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, introducing solids or navigating a fussy toddler. We have you covered with evidence based research. Helpful nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice.

Nourishing your bub

The place you can come to to ensure you and your baby are well nourished before, during and after conception. We are here to take out the stress of what you should and shouldn’t eat when pregnant. No more ‘Dr googling’ every question you have about food. We being you the most up to date research so you feel well supported throughout the 4 trimesters of your pregnancy. 

Nourishing your bump

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