For Mummas & Mummas to be. Let me teach you how to fill up your cup & nourish you & your baby or future babies

Programs to Nourish your Journey from Bump to Bub.

Learn to Nourish your baby from birth into the fussy toddler years

Learn how to read your blood pathology & tailor your supplements

HOw to Tailor your nutrition to suit your pregnancy symptoms & Needs

How to Nourish yourself through preconception, pregnancy & Postpartum

You'll learn

Are you ready to stop turning to Dr Google & being left feeling more confused?

I have had 4 pregnancies, 3 of which were successful. I get it. Even as a Nutritionist I would still be told what I should eat. Or get funny looks from strangers when I dropped sushi rice onto my pregnant belly.

I'm sure it's no suprise that this didn't end when I had my babies. You should breastfeed, don't start food too early & when you do only baby led weaning, no processed foods, etc, etc. You get it!

Insert a Nutritionist in your pocket at all times, to help guide you through the big decisions when it comes to nourishing you & your baby.

It is no secret that pregnancy & childhood nutrition are such confusing & often stressful topics. Everyone has an opinion & often we are told all the things we shouldn't eat whilst pregnant. Or what we shouldn't feed our baby. Then Dr Google leaves us feeling more confused than ever. 

Jump into the drivers seat. It's time to take control over your Nutritional choices with confidence?

Here we dive deep into preconception, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. This is a self paced, evidence based program, designed to take the confusion out of your food choices. 
Have a qualified Nutritionist in your pocket at all times. No more turning to Dr Google feeling confused. Instead come to Nourishing your Bump

stop sweating about what you can & can't eat while pregnant.

Nourishing your Bump

Choose your ride

the programs

the programs

We are supporting your baby from birth and beyond. Ensuring all nutritional needs are being met no matter whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, introducing solids or navigating a fussy toddler. We have you covered with evidence based research. Helpful nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice. 

Let's take the confusion out of how to best support & nourish your bub

Nourishing your Bub

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slingshot your offers and scale your impact with my proven system.

Cannonball: Launch and Scale

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Here is where you'll describe your package process. Chocolate cake jelly beans wafer gingerbread soufflé biscuit cheesecake.


Here is where you'll describe your package process. Chocolate cake jelly beans wafer gingerbread soufflé biscuit cheesecake.


Curious to know how it works?

Sarah Wise

I’m loving the Bumps program - easy to navigate and work through. I love learning all about nourishing myself and my pregnancy. It’s very fun! Overall, really really enjoying it and I’m glad to be a part of it 🥰🥰 thank you!'

Lauren Waters

“Having Shelley work with me during pregnancy to prevent ulcerative colitis flares ups has been a game changer which has relieved a lot of stress & anxiety. Wish I had her with my last pregnancy, I would have avoided a lot of uncomfortable medical intervention. She has worked wonders on my almost 2yo’s eczema. Can’t recommend enough!”

Katherine Hay Nutritionist

'From a practitioners perspective these are excellent programs for pregnancy and beyond. The information is easily accessible and easy to implement throughout the stages of pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood.
From a mother myself and a practitioner these are an incredible resource for mothers and mothers to be.'

Bernadette Boney

'You have created such a great tool with your program, thank you so much 👏🏼👏🏼 I’ve been slowly reading through it and absorbing so much that I didn’t know previously' 🥰

Kind words from Mummas & Mummas to be, who are in the programs with you!

No matter what stage of your journey you are in, we are here to help you. It is possible to feel well. To feel nourished. To ditch the diets and raise your children knowing the importance of how to nourish themselves. 
At Freedom Wellness we truly believe that this all starts with your preconception & pregnancy journey. How you nourish yourself during these phases, will play into how you feel going into, what will be the most important work you ever do... Motherhood. 

You've got this Mumma. 


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