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Nourishing your
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No matter what stage of your journey you are in, we are here to help you. It is possible to feel well. To feel nourished. To ditch the diets and raise your children knowing the importance of how to nourish themselves. 
At Freedom Wellness we truly believe that this all starts with the preconception & pregnancy journey. How you nourish yourself during these phases, will play into how you feel going into, what will be the most important work you ever do... Motherhood. 

You've got this Mumma. 

Qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath & Mother of 3 cheeky toddlers.

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Nourishing your Bump is a self paced, program designed to support you through your preconception, pregnancy & postpartum journey. Have a qualified Nutritionist in your pocket every step of the way with Bump basics or Bump VIP.

Bump Progam

Our Services

Nourishing your Bump Minis allows you to support your fertility and pregnancy one trimester at a time. 
They are self paced mini programs to nutritionally guide you through your journey. Have a qualified Nutritionist in your pocket every step of the way.

Bump Minis

Looking for one on one nutrition & naturopathic support? This is where we will  discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition, training and lifestyle. From here we can identify the major changes required and implement these in a tailored nutrition plan.


Here's your ticket to the nourished life. Choose your ride.

Lauren Waters

“Having Shelley work with me during pregnancy to prevent ulcerative colitis flares ups has been a game changer which has relieved a lot of stress & anxiety. Wish I had her with my last pregnancy, I would have avoided a lot of uncomfortable medical intervention. She has worked wonders on my almost 2yo’s eczema. Can’t recommend enough!”

Tahli Shortland

“I absolutely loved my session with Shelley. I feel like I have a pretty good handle on my nutrition and health needs, but being pregnant and breastfeeding, I wanted to double check I was on the right track since there are two babies depending on me. Shelley gave me so much information and made me feel much more confident in mine and my families health moving forward. She has so much knowledge and has made me feel really confident and supported about my health in this pregnancy. It felt so nice to have a healthcare provider that actually wanted to dive deep, listen to me and cover so many areas of my health. I’m so looking forward to continuing to work with her through pregnancy and postpartum (and have already recommended her to another friend and my own mother”

Bindi Loe

“Shelley is absolutely incredible- she guided me through my first pregnancy, with genuine care and made my first trimester so much more comfortable! She is a wealth of knowledge and creates practical and achievable plans for her clients.. Shelley is now helping me prep for my second pregnancy, and has helped heal my gut/ boosted my iron and energy levels!
I am so grateful for her warm caring approach, I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Tahli Brush

“I’ve loved working with Shelley, she is extremely thorough and generous in her experience and knowledge. Feel very supported by her and my health and wellbeing has most definitely improved since seeing her. Highly recommend her services.”

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The Blog

Say goodbye to Doctor Google and all of the misinformation and confusion you can find. These programs allow you to have a Nutritionist in your pocket at all times. In these programs I have shared my years of study, knowledge and practical experience with my own pregnancies and kids . Through step by step nutrition, supplement and lifestyle guides for all of yours needs.

Get ready to join our self paced, evidence based programs to support your journey from fertility into motherhood.

Nourish your journey from Bump to Bub

Come & learn how to nutritionally support your baby from birth and beyond. Ensuring all nutritional needs are being met no matter whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, introducing solids or navigating a fussy toddler. We have you covered with evidence based research. Helpful nutrition, supplement and lifestyle advice.

Nourishing your bub

The place you can come to to ensure you and your baby are well nourished before, during and after conception. We are here to take out the stress of what you should and shouldn’t eat when pregnant. No more ‘Dr googling’ every question you have about food. We being you the most up to date research so you feel well supported throughout the 4 trimesters of your pregnancy. 

Nourishing your bump

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